The school of Heart Centered styling

The Six Figure Stylist Masterclass

The Six Figure Stylist Masterclass is a program created specifically for women who want to MAKE money as a stylist.

I kept getting asked "how are you making money doing my dream job??"

For reference: I made $8,000 in January, $8,244 in February and I'm on track to make $11,000 in March--oh and I made just over $16,000 in MAY!! Doing something that I was told would NEVER make money...

This program is a combination of hands-on tactical and mindset— BOTH are necessary to run a successful business.

This 9 Module program is set up for you to start your OWN business as a heart-centered stylist.

The School of Heart Centered Styling: The Six Figure Stylist Masterclass

Module 1: The Confident Mindset of a Stylist.

  • You’re a stylist now!

  • How to develop a confident mindset as a stylist.

  • What your job is! What is possible?

  • Stepping into your role a Heart-Centered Stylist

  • Identifying confidence blocks and reprograming them!

  • Module 1 Homework: Complete The Guide to Being a Stylist Workbook

Module 2: The Embodied Style Method

  • What is the Embodied Style Method™?

  • How to use the Embodied Style Method™ with your clients.

  • How to attract clients using the system

  • Module 2 Homework: Complete the Embodied Style Method™ worksheet.

Module 3: How to Identify & Attract Your Soul-mate Clients.

  • How to identify your soul-mate clients as a stylist!

  • How to connect with her!

  • How to identify her pain points and WRITE specifically for HER.

  • Module 3 Homework: Complete the Ideal Client worksheet & Share your journey with your following!

Module 4: How to Create Packages that Sell!

  • How package your services up for easy selling.

  • How to clarify services and set clear boundaries.

  • How to create packages for your dream clients.

  • Module 4 Homework: Create Your Styling Packages!

Module 5: Social Media for Stylists!

  • How to use Instagram to reach your target audience.

  • How to set up your social media profile for maximum profit.

  • Social Media tools I use regularly (the actual tools I use every single day)

  • How to craft social media posts that SELL!

  • How to use IG stories from a place of radical authenticity.

  • Module 5 homework: Set up social media, write your four pillars of YOU. Post to your social media channels and practice going live!

Module 6: Systems for Getting Paid!

  • Getting your first (or fifth!) paying client

  • How to set up basic payments and billing as a stylist!

  • Systems for payment and scheduling.

  • Module 6 Homework: Set up your payments and scheduling software! Introduce yourself to your audience and offer your services (Your payment).

Module 7: Email Marketing for Stylists

  • How to create a compelling opt-in and start building your email list as a stylist.

  • How to set up your email marketing system

  • How to write from your heart!

  • Module 7 Homework: Set up your email platform and create your opt-in!

Module 8: Brand Partnerships

  • How to get partnerships with stores.

  • How to start offering virtual styling.

  • How to make money on virtual styling.

  • Module 8 Homework: Reach out to a local boutique to set up an in-person partnership!

Module 9: Virtual Styling & Affiliate Marketing

  • How to offer virtual styling

  • How to create your virtual styling boards in Canva

  • How to set yourself up as an affiliate

  • Module 9 Homework: Set up a virtual style board & Register for an affiliate marketing platform!

Your Investment.

$1,297 or 10 monthly payments of $147

What’s included:

  • 9 Recorded Trainings!

  • Homework and workbooks!

  • Access to past live calls

  • Access to Elissa via Private Facebook Group!

  • Access to Six Figure Stylist Masterclass Facebook Group.

  • Access to the Heart Centered Stylist Mastermind Group!

  • Access to the Stylist Content Bonanza!