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How could I actually CHARGE people to do something I loved so much?

Who am I to be a stylist?

What do I even know?

How do I start partnerships with local boutiques?

I don’t even know every designer, so can I even do this?

How do I work with photographers?

How do I SELL without it feeling weird???

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Oh, and buckle up, cuz we got some mad valuable content coming at you to get this business LAUNCHED. (When I said BONANZA, I meant BONANZA!)


Five Things Stylists Need to Know about Making Money as a Creative.

with Elissa Williams,

Elissa (that’s me!) is the Queen of Heart-Centered Styling. This all really started when she told God that she’d start a business as long as she didn’t have to be a struggling creative (Nope to poor, yes to abundance). Five years later, she has built a successful styling business, and is now on an all out mission to bring styling to the world—she’s like to see a stylist for every 20 women, to be specific. ;)

In this interview I talk about all things *making money* as a creative. How to set standards, how to set expectations, etc.

Sacred Selling.

with Amanda Marit,

Amanda is an Intuitive + a Business Coach for Soulpreneurs, who has empowered thousands of women around the world to step into INFINITE possibility in their business and life. Through her private 1:1 programs, intensive retreats, and group trainings, she is able to help her clients light a fire within their hearts to blast off their businesses, take quantum jumps into their visions, and receive higher levels of abundance with greater ease and fulfillment. Her superpower is helping her clients tap into unshakable confidence, soul alignment, and passion, with the ability to command all they desire into their reality.

In this interview we talk about those very specific styling offers and how to sell from your heart. No more icky feeling sales calls!!


How to Partner with Your Local Boutique.

Jennifer Steinwurtzel, Owner Jake&Jones, women’s luxury boutique in Santa Barbara, CA

Wednesday, 3pm Pacific

In this interview we talk all about partnering with your local boutiques and how to add value to your clients while helping your local economy.

Jen has an incredible story, and she shows a bit inside the process of starting a fashion business from an outsider.

How to Position Yourself as an Expert and Gain Media Partnerships.

with Monica Woodhams,

Thursday, November 16th, 9am Pacific.

Monica is the founder of Confessions Media, a Public Relations and Podcast Management Agency helping female entrepreneurs and influencers expand their reach beyond social media.

She is a graduate of Texas Christian University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Strategic Communication: Ad/PR from the Bob Schieffer College of Communication as well as a graduate of the Neiman Marcus Executive Development program.

Monica has over half a decade of experience in the blogging industry on both the brand, publicity and blogger sides of the industry. Her clients include TedX Speakers, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

She is also the host of the Influencer Girl Lifestyle Podcast where she interviews 7 figure business owners, celebrities, and influencers and How to Pretend to Like Sports Podcast (coming September 2018). 

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How to Work with High End Clientele.

with Kirsten Garlinghouse Paisley

Thursday, November 15th, 6:15pm Pacific

Kirsten began her styling career working in high end retail, managing the most successful United States location of a luxury handbag brand.

In this interview, we talk about her story, how she developed her high-end clientele, and what tips she has for you! This interview is all about high high end clientele.

How to Create Successful Partnerships with Photographers.

With Ania Volovique,

Friday, November 16th, 9am.

Ania Volovique is a branding photographer and intuitive business strategist for big-hearted, unapologetic entrepreneurs who are on a mission to make a positive impact on the world. Ania supports her clients in amplifying their purpose, helping them to experience their business as medicine and healing through self-expression. By creating a clear and concise strategy paired with beautiful on-brand iconic images, her bespoke strategies result in her clients making profound connections with their own soul-mate clients, while simultaneously developing a cohesive brand experience.

Over the last decade, Ania has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Europe, helping them in defining their unique voices and bringing their visions to reality. What sets Ania's work apart from other photographers is her focus on creating an EXPERIENCE; one of deep connection, joy, play, creativity, empowerment and reflecting back to them their light, power and magic. It's the 'falling in love' experience that shows your authentic self and what you stand for.


I can’t WAIT to see you in there! This ALL created SPECIFICALLY for you and to help YOU get your business of the ground. :)